The Rambling Biker

I did something i dont normally do this time of year I got down the "good bike" ran through the gears and tinkered with this and that. As I cast an eye upon the worn tires I remembered the long evenings on the local tuesday night league this summer past. I began to count weeks to the C-word i might as well say Christmas and felt a quiet glow of expectation for a season new. All the good intentions that all cyclists feel the great plan of getting back to where i once was as a racer or shift those squatters rights KGs on the waistline. The new diet the will i go watts and power metres.

So I decided no . I will enjoy the pleasure of cycling , just look around and not down at a LCD screen flashing some arbitary figure enjoy good food go mad on halloween night at the remaing trick or treat bags. Come January i will regret all i have said and consumed and the pre-season panic sets in as i count the days to a new season. In short dont go mad lads , but do let go and look up from the LCD screen.

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