The rambling biker

Another crisp autumnal very much similar to this time last year type of day. I ventured a wary toe into the muddy enviorn that is CX, or cyclo cross or even sicco cross. The latter refers to the about to vomit sensation as one embarks on one of these little get togethers. Well i practiced my cyclo cross skills in the ideal surroundings of cratloe wood usually on dry conditons and favourable courses suited to my vintage and lack of ability . On one such occasion i even practiced the seamless dismount only to then fling my self back on the bike like a comic side kick in a carry on type caper. A reference which wont be lost to those of similar lack of taste and general apostle of nostalgia.

I then presented myself for a competition where i lined up with far more capable opponents . The gun did its thing and so did my formidable opponents and as for myself i can only equate what happened as beginners bad luck it was like showing up at the leaving cert having studied all the wrong subjects and the exam paper consisting of swamp, mud , sand, grit, blood shite and tears.

I dare say i am back to the drawing board only to study harder questions of my abilities all the more ready to answer the next sicco cross misadventure. Hopefully this time i may even finish.

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